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The 10 Mistakes, You Should Never Commit In Your Conversation

Thursday, March 22, 2018


How and with what sentences do we talk and communicate with others?. Fortunately, this art is learned and can be improved by learning. Talking to others is like driving. We all like to think that we are better than the rest, but the reality is something else and we have a long way to go and get better and better conversations. We all can strengthen our conversational skills. It's not something we've been born with and we can do it quite successfully with the skill we have. Here are a few of the common mistakes in conversations. Do you make these mistakes in your conversations?

Talking and not listening

Almost all of us know that one aspect of the good conversation is listening to the other side, but the reality is more than mere listening.In fact, we need to know how to hear and react in a different way.In this case, we will show that we are in the conversation. One of the most important techniques in this field is the listening skills. Active listening means asking questions related to the discussion, listening real and accurate, and being interested in other conversations.

If you want to be active audiences, you need to use phrases that show your attention to the content of the conversation or make suggestions that show your interest in the conversation. Ask questions for further discussion, or confirm by repeating some of the other person's statements on what he or she says.

Asking distracting questions

Some questions that are asked during a conversation, despite being raised from your interest and enthusiasm, will distract you from the conversation, and it will look like an interrogation from the other side.

 Create conversations to advance the conversation, listen carefully and let the other party speak and tell your own opinions. If you want to ask something during a conversation, note that your speech is related to the content of the word and conversation, and there is no surprise.

From this branch to that jumping branch

Dissemination is a sign of being nervous.  If you continually jump from one branch to another, you will not be able to make the final decision, and others will not be able to accompany you. Instead, try to talk briefly and influence your audience. Think about yourself in advance to get to that point in speaking. Getting ready for the woman's word makes you feel more confident in expressing your opinion.

Do not bake the words before

Some people like to comment at any cost. Constant and unconsidered conversations make others feel that these talkative friends only talk and speak and talk about it without adding any particular value. So if you do not want to be in such a way, try to be informed and entertained with information in order to be valuable. Think before you speak and try to spell the word in your mouth.

Inducing and controversy

In conversations, do not try to just comment; in fact, just do not try to post your seats. Thinking that only you are right, it turns a two-way conversation into a single-player debate. Accept that everyone has beliefs.If you try to agree with others, the chances are that you will leave. Be humble and listen to others.

Confident Interfaith

Not having confidence in conversations is incompatible. So try to really strengthen self-esteem and, with the help of it, be sure of what you say.You do not need to just pretend to be trustworthy, while you yourself are not believers and unsure of what you say.
During the conversation, relaxation

No one is happy with the other side of the conversation during the conversation. But when we repeat this, we will soon find that captive of this move has become unpleasant. Anyway, it's possible that all of us, even when we are not talking very much and talking to others, may be wrong. If we want to have a positive impact on others and find more friends, we must allow others to comment. In order to get rid of such a problem, we need to look at our conversations, our way of talking and discussing, and to ensure that we do not overlook ourselves.

Make uninterrupted interruptions

One of the worst mistakes during the conversation is that we do not allow the opposite party to make a full-fledged opinion and to interrupt our conversations continuously. When we allow another to speak calmly and without interruption and tell us our opinion (especially when the views are conflicting), we show our respect and respect.

Show yourself all

If we show that we are all opponents and all kinds of people, then the other people who are in the dialogue will be left unharmed and there will be no place for their participation. To deal with such a situation, we do not have to spend all our information together. If we are aware of the topic of the aristocracy, we should be careful to comment on what is relevant to the discussion. It is really not necessary to take the platform of dialogue and to direct the discussion to the direction and direction that we like.

10 Spin

In a state of excitement or anger, it is possible to speak more quickly.This way of talking to the listener is fast and unobtrusive. It's better to talk calmly and think more and better about the words we use. One of the ways to increase the effect of the Word is to create interruptions among our conversations.

If you also use these harassing habits during conversations, you have to think for yourself, especially if you want to be effective, successful and different.

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