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If You Want To Get Rich, Leave These Habits

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Many people have a way to get rich in their lives. Some luck gets rich, others may increase their income through a lot of work. Usually, people who are always wealthy have common points. However, whether those who have a chance or those who have been through a lot of work have been unable to keep their money because of bad habits. Why some people always remain wealthy, and others are always on the edge of an alley, it's a question that may sometimes engage the mind of all of us. To answer this question, researchers in a five-year study compared two groups of rich and impoverished people (meaning that impoverished people are not necessarily low-income groups, perhaps those who have the good income but who do not have enough skills to manage their money. And so their pockets are always empty). The results of the study showed that the greatest differences between the rich and the poor are related to their behavioural habits. So if you want to get rich, read this article and leave the habits and mindset of the people who are not unemployed.

1 The impoverished people rely only on fate

Only in rare cases can you rely on luck or fate, such as when you do not know if you choose a red blouse or blue. But you should never believe in these things in vital issues. Rich people believe that they determine their course of life. By contrast, 90% of the people who are impoverished blame for the misfortune and the factors that can not control them. Instead of spending their money on learning and studying, people spend it on extravaganza and lottery phenomena to improve their livelihood.
% 68 Rich people love dating and communicating with new people, while only 11% of the impoverished people behave like this. Most people who are financially stable are trying to maintain a good sense of it. They may even congratulate the important days such as the Eid days and the like to new acquaintances (and of course, old acquaintances), while many unprofitable people do not.

3 Insidious people often hate their jobs

85 percent of those who are successful in finance are interested in their work. Conversely, unpaid people only see the disadvantages of their job. With such an attitude, your tax situation will never improve. If you do not like your job, change it, but do not hesitate. If you can not change it, try to see its positive aspects. (It's not bad to know there are reasons why people do not go after the job they want !)

4 Miles do not care about their health

Rich people spend a lot of time on their health. These people regularly visit their physicians, choose healthy lifestyles, are well aware of the health benefits of exercise and exercise (76% of rich people exercise 4 days a week), have a balanced diet, and have managed to quit the habit. The bad ones are their lives. But among the impoverished people, only 13% agree that health and success are related to each other.

5 The whip will not risk

Only 6% of the unemployed are willing to take risks to improve their financial situation.While the risk level for rich people is more than 50%. Many wealthy people in the study noted that during their lifetime they have faced at least one risk, leading to major failures.But they have tried to successfully pass it, rather than hitting it.

6 Unpaid people are affiliated with TV programs

Among those who are not rich, 78% love programs that show details of other people's lives. While only 6% of rich people have such a habit. In general, rich people do not spend much time watching television, and they may spend less than an hour per day (maybe they spend less time watching it if people get familiar with the disadvantages of addiction ).The same goes for the Internet; successful people surf the Internet less than an hour a day unless generally based on the Internet.

7 The poor people do not study much

"The study does not mean thinking," says Dostoevsky the Great. 88% of rich people agree with this statement. They study books about professional and occupational issues, personal growth and historical literature at least 30 minutes a day. While only 2% of low-income people do this. Of course, as mentioned, the meaning of impoverished people is not necessarily a low-income society. Many people make enough money and spend it on unnecessary things, but they do not have the money to reach the book. Fortunately, today there are many ways to study (such as libraries, special telegram books for reading books, and so on), and you do not really need to buy a book to read. So do not excuse yourself and try to make yourself accustomed to studying.

8 Uncultivated people in the morning wake up late

More than half of the high-income business owners awake at least 3 hours before the start of the day. They spend these morning hours exercising, planning for the things they have to do, studying and doing their own projects, and so on. Many successful people spend 10 to 15 minutes on meditation or think silently.
Of course, the waking up of these people does not mean that they are lacking sleep.Incidentally, 89% of the rich have enough sleep and go to bed between 9:00 and 10:00 and sleep 7 to 8 hours a night.

9 Most merciless people can not get the negative ones away

96% of people who are impoverished have at least one person around them who love the gossip and complaints of life (or negative ones). Successful people associate with people who are not only negative people but also positive and inspirational. You can also find such great people in cultural events, volunteering or membership in nonprofits. Spend all your time on finding these people valued and see how your life changes.

10 Expensive is the worst bad habit

Most of the poor people spend more than their income and do not manage their financial affairs. You probably also know people who spend money on cars, mobile phones and other expensive items while they are not able to buy them and even need them. For example, consider someone who has only $ 100,000 in his bank account, but his mobile phone costs $ 2 million. This shows the weakness in its financial management. Rich people have their own account books and usually distribute their income in this way:

  • 20% savings
  • 25% rent, mortgage and so on
  • 15% food
  • 10 percent entertainment
  • 5% of the cost of equipment (whether personal or public transportation)
  • The rest of the money is spent on things like clothing, medicine and education.
The suggestion is for you: leave these habits as soon as possible. Successful people are not successful. Their secret is that they first go after their favourite things and then turn those jobs into their source of income. If you are still looking for a job or profession, we offer you a completely practical plan:
  • Get a list of things you enjoy doing. Specify those that require special skill.
  • Then remove the 10 most you like and give them 1 to 10 points.
  • Evaluate 10 selected activities for potential income. For example, calculate how many scrolls you can make in the month and how much you will earn if you sell them.
  • Now calculate the overall score for each job. Those top-rated jobs can be the goals of your life.
What other things are needed to increase your income and improve your state of health?Share them with us.

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