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How To Make Secure Online Shopping

Saturday, March 24, 2018
How -To-Make-Secure-Online-Shopping
Decades ago, maybe nobody thought that one day it would be possible to do almost daily business, and even shopping, on the Internet and at home. For most of us, either we do not have enough time or the crowds of shopping malls and traffic streets, Internet shopping is the best solution.It's really not better to sit at home and just take a few clicks and enter a series of purchased data; they just deliver the order we're ordering at home! Of course, all this happens when we make a safe online shopping.

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet shopping
Internet shopping has many benefits. In addition to being economical in time, price comparisons are also very easy and you can check customer feedback and views before purchasing a product. Along with these benefits, there is only one concern about online shopping, and it's likely to steal your money and information from Internet thieves and fraudsters. Fortunately, with some simple tips, you can fix this concern and take advantage of online shopping. Just be vigilant and make sure you take the necessary precautions to buy the internet.
15 Important Tips For Safe Internet Shopping

1 Shop for secure websites
One of the benefits of shopping from real stores is that you see the store itself and the inventory of goods, but on the Web, some stores and businesses do not exist at all, and their owners made the website solely for accessing credit card information and other viewers' views. For secure online purchases, refer to reputable retailers you have already purchased from them.

2 Check out website specifications
While buying from unnamed websites is not recommended, it sometimes happens that we accidentally see something on a website we are not familiar with and we really want to buy it. In this case, let's take your intelligence and check the website's details. Is this company active in social media? If so, how are the views of its customers? For more confidence, contact the number on the website. A valid website usually contains the email address, telephone number or actual address of the company or store. If there is no such information on the website, the company may be fake.

3 There is no cheap price
If you find a product on a website that is priced too low, first look at the image and product specifications on several similar websites and compare prices. If the price offered on this website differs significantly from similar sites, you should investigate further. It's likely that this website does not have that product at all. You may not even have a store at all, and the website was created solely for the purpose of accessing your personal information.

4 Do not use public Wi-Fi for online shopping
Do not ever go online through a public Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi networks use public radio waves. You might want to shop online while you're drinking a cup of coffee in the cafe you're interested in, but an internet thief can easily access information through a little-advanced technology and free Wi-Fi password. Someone will get your name and credit card information. Resist this temptation!

5 Use VPN
If you still want to use general Wi-Fi for online shopping (you may sometimes have to do this), use a VPN before connecting to Wi-Fi. The VPN establishes an encrypted connection between your smartphone and computers and VPN servers and, like a secure tunnel, provides access to your Internet traffic through web browsing so that hackers can not access your personal information.

6 Your account password must be very strong
If someone has access to your password, they can sign in to your account, change the address of the recipient and order whatever they want, while your bill will be deducted from you. Create a strong password for your account. The following tips are very important in choosing a password:

Use a complex set of Latin and large Latin letters with numbers and symbols.
Do not use personal information that can easily be guessed, such as your date of birth, your children's name, or your preferred colour.
Do not use a single password for multiple accounts, even if it is strong.In this case, at least if one of your accounts is hacked, the rest of your accounts will not be easily accessible.

7 Check website security
It's easy to do. Is there a small lock icon next to the URL address on the site you are buying? This lock tells you that the web page you are visiting has installed a privacy protection system. In this case, the URL address will start with https rather than HTTP. These websites transfer information securely like passwords and financial information. If you do not see the small lock icon or s character after HTTP, this web page does not have a privacy protection system. So be sure to check these before submitting your personal information.

8 Watch out for fake emails
Sometimes, in your emails, you will see tempting emails with special offers, golden opportunities, and so on. Some of these emails may contain viruses or malware, and as soon as they open up, they may be compromised by your computer or your phone. It's best to delete them before you can open anonymous emails from unsolicited sources or businesses. Do not click on links or attachments that you have received from anonymous sources.

9 Be careful about your personal information
Many Internet shopping websites only require limited information. No website needs a national number or your identity card. If such a very personal information is requested from you, contact a customer service number, ask for the reasons, or search for another website.

10 Use secure shipping portals
Many sites have secured ports for payment. If the site payment was unknown or you have not seen it before, it's best to not buy that website.For example, one of the most secure Internet payment portals that everyone knows about is Shaprak.

11 The credit card is better for online shopping
A credit card is a card provided to customers by banks or other financial institutions and is issued on the basis of customer credit. A cashless credit card holder can purchase a card from the stores or centres accepting this card, and then pay it on a daily basis and in specified instalments.After payment, this credit will be charged. Currently, only the National Bank issues a credit card in our country.

Now, if someone misuses your credit card and incurs unauthorized charges on your bill, a credit card issuer will usually assure you that if you are investigating, you will not have to pay these fees.

But if you are abusing your debit card (a 16-digit cash card that many of us in Pakistan make a mistake with a credit card), you should report it within 48 hours, that is, two business days. In this case, you will be refunded to a certain limit determined by the Debit Card Exporter. In addition, if you did not report the theft, there would be no money back in 60 days. So try to use a credit card.

12 Check the bills carefully
Check your bills at least once a week. If you receive SMS from a bank (or card issuer) for a deduction from your account, it is easier for you. You can check the messages and get notified about the details of your purchases.

13 Remember the details
After making the purchase, write the order confirmation code and postal code in a safe place. If there is a problem with delivery, this information will help the seller solve the problem.

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