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18 Sales Skills That You Need ,To be Succeed

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Sales skills are subject to a lot of changes. Buyers are everywhere, "from production to consumption" is in decline, and technology advances are changing the profession. The sad news is that it is said that in the next few years, 15 million sales will be lost due to the same changes. Sales forces need to learn new skills to survive in this competitive market. We have compiled 18 sales skills by reviewing market trends and studying successful vendor solutions that all vendors need to keep up their paths. If you also want to be a successful vendor, follow our up-to-date description.

1 Buyer's perception; the most important selling skill
The main selling skill in today's world is to understand what the buyer wants. This is a seemingly simple matter, the basis of successful sales. But success in business is not limited to understanding what the buyer wants. To put it simply, it's just not important to know which customer likes coffee. We need to know exactly what the experience is when the customer enters our shop. Why does the brand choose? The buyer sets expectations and the seller's job is to meet his needs beyond his expectations (this is, in fact, the definition of customer satisfaction ). If you do not know if the buyer is trying to obtain what the experience is about by purchasing the product, you will not be able to meet his expectations.

2 Cool customer sales
Once the buyer's buyer understands, he can sell in a cool way, that is, exactly at the right time, what the customer wants to give. For example, if a buyer needs to use a trial of a product to make a decisive decision to make it easy to imagine and at the same time faced with a lack of time, a professional vendor will give him a quick copy of the test, not a regular copy, a copy It is quick and easy to set up and use and can prove the real value of the goods in less than 30 minutes. Buyers love sellers who are bright colours.

3 Psychology creates interest in the buyer
A limited number of vendors use sales psychology to attract customers to the store. There are different psychological methods to create interest in potential customers. An effective way is to make sure the customer does not take much time.

4 Creating trust in the buyer
Selling skills - Creating a sense of trust in the buyer
Buyers love dealing with those who trust them. Successful salespeople are sure to make sure their honesty to the customer and trust him. Aiding the buyer is one of the tools to increase customer confidence in order to increase sales.

5 The brief description of the product
Given the fact that these days are all very crowded, customer interaction is a very important sales skill. The days of grocery sales are coming to an end. More buyers care about the "way of expressing information", not the information themselves. A golden rule is that you do not mention more than three important points in each conversation because you will have a glimpse of the audience and the customer will forget the main points.

6 The proper response to customer talk
Many sales executives and professionals believe successful sellers are good listeners. We accept this and will not be able to explain it. A successful seller shows a good reaction to the customer. You have to learn the listening skills; listen, understand, and act appropriately in the direction of the words you have heard.

7 Comprehensive and functional information about products
Other sellers are not just a bridge between the manufacturer and the buyer. They should also be specialists in two ways:
Understand the buyer. In this way, when selling, they can point to the problems that the customer deals with and suggest the product as a solution to the problem or meet its needs.
They have to sell the product and have full information about it so that they can answer the customer's questions thoroughly and correctly.

8 Helping the customer
Helping more than being a sales skill is a mentality that you must institutionalize yourself. Many vendors are delighted with this. Try to interact with each client every time, remind yourself that you are a customer of the customer and do not look at him as an instrument for gaining money.

9 storytelling
Buyers do not necessarily want to receive technical information about your product. Skilled sellers attach their merchandise to a larger image, and this image is the feel of previous customers or the consequences of buying goods. For example, someone who buys a phone system from you, in fact, does not just seek to buy a phone, seeks to increase revenue through the purchase of this phone, and if you can prove to him by telling about previous customers that by buying this system, his goal It will be realized, you have persuaded him to buy.

10 Writing or copyrightability
Sellers must have writing power. This sales skill has been important for many communications with customers are done via email. When copying, remember a few golden rules below:

  • The less you write, the better. Try to keep your writing short, but keep it cool.
  • Do not write public. Put as much time as possible in your writings and personalize them.
  • To organize your writing, spell out your text (ie, write down some important points and points). A review of a listing for customers is much easier than looking at a long, tedious text.
  • In the conclusion section, put a call-to-action option and persuade the customer to order.

11 Telephone marketing
The floor attendance and sales are over, and everything will be replaced by video conferencing and uninterrupted communications. As a result, the vendor also has the ability to manage phone sales. A phone marketer should be familiar with the top-selling techniques of telephony, as well as the ability to recognize the voice of the audience to assess his willingness to buy. It's better for vendors to dominate new technologies (such as Skype, FaceTime, etc.) to make them more invasive conversations, if necessary.

12 Customer Relationship in Cyberspace
Marketing in social networks is expanding, and these networks have become a platform for online sales. Many professional vendors use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Telegram as a tool for more sales. We do not mean just to follow your audience in the virtual world.The professional sales force, through the communications they receive, also organizes events in the real world in order to establish a more sincere relationship with customers. This can stimulate the customer's trust and eagerness and, to some extent, help sales.

13 Customized Interactions with Customers
We all get away with bulk messages. Buyers are dropping out public messages. Interactions between seller and buyer will be affected when it is personalized. The best way is to categorize messages based on customer demographics. In b2b marketing, it's best to classify companies according to their business. In face-to-face relationships, you must also change your behaviour in terms of gender and age of the client. You can point to events that your store or company has held for people like that buyer to make the customer feel more intimate.

14 Use marketing skills
Many believe marketing is swallowing sales! We believe there is a lot of marketing to say that "sales" should set them as an example. Vendors who have passed marketing courses can be much more successful than regular vendors. Many of the activities, such as content creation or market research, can be combined with marketing science if they can bring about better results and help sell more.

15 An active attempt to convert a potential customer to a buyer
These days are distracting, so the dealer needs to work harder to attract customers' attention and convert them to the buyer. You should not leave the client on the path to decision-making, but you must step in front of it until you buy it. For example, if a customer to make the final decision needs to be approved by the Director, have all the necessary information, content and tools to help persuasion Director, Shsthvrfth let the customer.The oral explanation for the client, and then abandoning him to transfer that description to the decision maker in a world that is distracting, means losing a deal.

16 Use of sales technologies
Many sales departments use new technologies to improve performance and shorten the sales cycle. Although these vendors are busier these days, Chief Science Officer's recent figures show that vendors are actually selling 37% of their time, which means inefficiencies. A vendor who can take advantage of new technologies to make it more efficient is a step ahead of his rivals since it will actually be more time-consuming.

17 Establishing a connection between daily activities and the purpose of the sale
It is not something that can be achieved on the last day of the month or the end of the season. This is something that needs planning. Experienced vendors plan their daily tasks to reach the target by the end of the month. This sales skill is gaining over time and is very valuable.

18 Manage activities like portfolio management
Experienced vendors look at their relationships in the portfolio of the portfolio.They invest in their time (such as stock exchanges) on a variety of occasions, and they know that a number of them will not succeed. Finally, every week, they examine all their investments to determine which of them will be profitable. Through their portfolio management, they can understand whether they are reaching their goals.

You see? Sales science is simply not past. This does not cover all of the new sales skills, but with the help of the 18 sales skills, the new world of sales is also possible. what is your opinion? Which of these skills do you think is functional and which ones did you perform before?

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