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10 Morning Advice That Helps Lose Weight

Monday, March 19, 2018
Most of us have overweight experience. Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we do not get any results, and the counterweight does not intend to jump. It does not matter what our goal of slimming is; however, there is a lot of contradictory efforts to lose weight. As we sometimes think, our weight will never be desirable. But the fact is that to lose a few kilos of weight, we do not have to change all our programs and lifestyles at all.It's enough to make small but effective changes in our morning program. In this case, we will not add. Follow us on to learn about 10-morning habits that help you lose weight:

1 Morning breakfast with high protein

Breakfast is the most important daily meal.Because, what you eat for breakfast, sets the eating process all day. For example, the breakfast you desire will indicate that you will feel a sense of lunch until you have a lunch or you'll be hungry before morning snacking.
Eating a breakfast in which there is a lot of protein is causing the desire to eat and lose weight. A study conducted on 20 teenage girls showed that eating a high-protein breakfast reduces the desire to eat after each meal than breakfast with a normal protein content.Another study suggests that the higher the protein intake in breakfast, the lower the amount of protein intake, the less fat it will absorb in the body, and therefore we will eat less and we will be hungry.
Protein helps reduce weight by reducing the level of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. In a study of 15 men, it was found that eating a high-protein buddy controls the secretion of the ghrelin hormone much more than when a high- carbohydrate diet is controlled and stopped.
For good breakfast with high protein, you can use these ingredients, which are a good source of protein: eggs, Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese nuts, chia seeds and nuts.

2 Drink plenty of water

Drinking one or two glasses of water in the morning will help you lose weight. Water increases energy consumption or, for a minimum of 60 minutes, causes more calories to burn. According to a study, on average, the consumption of 500 ml of water results in a 30% increase in the rate of bodybuilding.
Other studies also show that women who have been overweight and consumed 1 litre of water per day lost 2 kg a year. It may seem a bit over 2 kg a year, but these women did not use any other weight-loss method, and by simply drinking more water they could lose 2 kg, which also highlights the important role of water.
In addition, drinking water in some people reduces appetite and eats less food. Other studies on adults show that drinking 500 millilitres of water reduces 13 percent of your calorie intake. In general, various studies indicate that drinking 1 to 2 litres of water per day helps in weight loss. Water in the morning keeps the body hydrated and reduces weight.

3 Weigh yourself

Weigh your weight every morning. This will make you more motivated to lose weight.Scientific studies also confirm this. For example, a study done on 47 people showed that those who weighed up to 6 kg a day weighed more than 6 kg compared to those who rarely weighed. Another test showed that adults who weighed each day lost 4.4 kilograms over a two-year period while weighing only 1 kilogram per month lost just 2.1 kilograms.
In addition, weight loss in the morning also boosts other good habits; habits and behaviours that help lose weight. Further research has been done on this subject. The research also shows that weighing in the morning has a good effect on weight control because those who do this also introduce a sort of order into their behaviours and habits. Such an arrangement provides the will and motivation necessary for weight loss.
So, weigh yourself to get good results in terms of weight loss, when you wake up. Repeat this after going to the bathroom and before eating or drinking something. Remember that weight is affected by various factors during the day. So, with a general look, look at the case and focus instead on focusing on daily changes to the general trend of weight loss.

4 Get sunbathing

Every morning, drop off the curtains or spend a few minutes outdoors. Let sunshine eat your body. This will be effective in weight loss. Studies show that exposure to light sunlight also affects weight loss in certain time periods.
A study on mice also found that ultraviolet radiation in mice with high-fat diets stopped obesity and added to them. Sunshine is a great way to provide vitamin D. Scientifically speaking, the presence of adequate vitamin D helps in weight loss and prevents obesity.
In a study, 218 obese women were examined. Over the course of 1 year, some women were given Vitamin D and some placebo (placebo). At the end of the year and study, women taking vitamin D supplements were 3.2 kg more likely to lose weight than the other group.
Other studies on older women (4,659 women) over the course of 1 year also showed the effects of vitamin D on weight loss. The amount of vitamin D required for each person's body varies according to skin type, season and geographical location. However, using sunlight at home or going out of your home for sunbathing will help lose 10-15 minutes.

5 Living in

Being living is a practice that focuses entirely on the present and infuses consciousness into thoughts and feelings. This exercise can help you lose weight and improve your nutritional habits. For example, in 19 studies, it has been shown that focusing on the present is helping to reduce weight and reduce obesity habits.
The results of other studies also testify to the effectiveness of this thinking in weight loss (68% of the studies report this result). The practice of living in the present is very simple.To begin, assign 5 minutes a day to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and try to identify and recognize your emotions precisely.

6 exercise

If in the morning, the first thing you do is exercise, you will be more successful in weight loss. According to a study, 50 obese women were given aerobic exercises at different times of the day. There was not much difference between the desire for food in those who had exercised in the morning and those who had been practising in the afternoon, but exercising in the morning gave them more sense of humour.
Morning exercise also helps to stabilize blood sugar throughout the day. Low levels of blood glucose have many negative symptoms, including excessive hunger. Researchers looked at 35 people with type 1 diabetes and found that exercise in the morning helps control blood sugar levels. Of course, it should be noted that the research has been conducted on a limited population and only indicates a relationship between morning exercises and weight loss. In fact, you can not look at them for some reason. To make morning exercise a decisive cause for weight loss, we need to do more research.

7 Have a plan for lunch

If you plan ahead with your lunch, you can reduce your weight and have better options for feeding. For example, in a study, 40,554 people were studied. The study found that nutrition planning was associated with a better, more diverse dietary diet and a reduction in the risk of overweight.
Foods that are cooked at home also help reduce fat consumption and weight. In fact, people who eat at home at least 5 times a week are 28 percent less likely to become overweight than those who eat at home 3 times or less. So try preparing food at home and planning for a week's meal.

8 Sleep more

Try to go to bed early in bed or get up a little later in the morning. Longer sleep also helps in weight loss. Scientifically, insomnia also exacerbates the sense of hunger. For example, insomnia increases appetite and appetite for high-calorie foods and high carbohydrates.With calorie intake, it also increases.
In a study, it was found that when people slept for only 4 hours (instead of 8 hours), their calorie intake increased by 559 units. Setting the Sleep Plan is important in losing weight, along with nutrition and exercise. To get good results, try to sleep at least 8 hours a night.

9 Change your way

Maybe it's easier to get on and off with your personal car, but believe that the fats added to your waist and skull will regret you one day. Walking, cycling, and using public transportation contribute to weight loss and reduce the risk of overweight. When researchers studied 822 people over the last four years, they found that those who travel by car are more likely to be obese and overweight than people using public transportation.
In a similar study of 15,777 people, it was found that the use of public transport or high-speed traffic such as walking and cycling significantly reduced BMI, and compared with using personal vehicles, a greater reduction in fat The body also leads. Even if only a few times a week from public vehicles or methods like walking, biking, etc., you will still see its effects on weight loss.

10 Control your diet

If you care about how much your substance consumes during the day, you can better control your weight. For example, in a study of 123 people in a year, it became clear that daily notes and daily calorie intake and dietary intake were linked to weight loss.
Another study also found that a regular review of daily intake could lead to more weight loss for the individual. However, if this review and regular monitoring are not carried out, the same result will not be achieved. In another study on 220 obese women, it became clear that continuous monitoring and monitoring of diet during the day would help to better manage weight loss in the long run.
To do this, you can use software (applications) or just take pen and paper and start your calorie intake from your first meal.

Notice this important point

Making small changes to the morning habits can be an effective and easy way to lose weight. When you start the morning with the program and the motivation, you will also become more successful in other aspects of your life. So, along with shaping the habits of the morning, keep in mind the sport and the use of a healthy lifestyle. So with these points and determination, before heading toward building a beautiful and healthy body 

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